The Background of our Website

          The naming of this website came intuitively as Lois is a third-generation branch on her family tree. A history that starts with immigrants who had an 8th-grade education at best, and little-to-no fluency in English. Yet, they survived two World Wars, the Great Depression, and the 1918 Flu Pandemic. From them, Lois witnessed true grit, resiliency, spiritual faith, hands-on resourcefulness, and community engagement. To carry on their legacies, we have created this website to bring the benefit of these lessons to others.

           Lois looked to take her branch further into holistic well-being. She practiced at all levels of nursing as an R.N. for more than 50 years in a wide range of in- and out-patient adult care settings. Her studies have also included four foreign languages, herbalism, agency counseling, international marketing, and two musical instruments. She has a total of 16 years of experience with renewable energy retrofitted to her own residences, lived and worked in multicultural communities, survived a multi-trauma accident, been a local public official, and produced a community TV show. 

        The intention of this site is to sow seeds for others to take up the long-view into their personal lives.

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  • National Solar Tour
    The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is organizing its 27th National Solar Tour this year on October 1&2. Homes, schools, and businesses nationwide are participating in this event. The purpose of the tour is to increase awareness of the costs, processes, and economic and environmental benefits of going solar Through self-guided tours, people are able …
  • Stalling Greenhouse Gas Effects
    Is it possible to slow down the effects of greenhouse gases? Yes, but mitigation depends upon the lifespan of each of them and how they are propagated. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide (NO2), chlorine, and fluorine. The last two in this list do not have specific lifespans because they have been …
  • My Solar Home Hybrids
    My first solar home hybrid was in the NC mountains in 1995, on a 75-year-old, 1100-square-foot bungalow. The installation was a result of survival mixed with an interest in renewable energy (R/E). The area at that time was plagued with power outages from severe wind, snow, or electrical storms. So, I had a system which …
  • Ginseng, an Exemplary Adaptogen
    Volumes have been written about and extensive research has been done on Ginseng, particularly the genus Panax Ginseng, or Asian Ginseng, The American ginseng is similar but not the same, with less “warmth” as viewed by Chinese herbal medicine. As an adaptogen, its benefit is to normalize the body’s physiologic response to emotional, physical, and …
  • Anyone Can Compost!
    I would like to start off by explaining that the Pest Repellent series will continue after a short break.  I will bring you a couple of posts that share a bit more of what my contributions will entail.  So, to get right into it – I am taking a look at Composting Technologies. Composting is …