Harvest Thoughts

I’m a suburban gardener, who lives on a 50 X 150 foot Upper Midwest lot, which includes a 2-car garage.  I have approximately 5000 square feet for landscaping.  More than 15 years ago when I bought this 100-year-old home,  I decided to get rid of most of the lawn working around 3 large trees.  I’m sure you can imagine some of my challenges already.  I can assure you, there have been a lot of failures, especially near my black walnut tree.

For beauty, I have a Japanese-inspired landscape with gravel pathways around the house and a small woodland with a “dry river bed” on the Northside.  Throughout the rest of the yard. I’ve considered pollinators, birds, and myself for food choices, with native grasses, plants, and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs.

This Fall, I’m appreciating the “fruit of my labors.” I made elderberry-highbush cranberry jam and grape-pear jam, which except for the grape juice and sugar, came organically from my yard. I was also able to harvest hazelnuts, tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, potatoes, garlic, and of course black walnuts. Pots of chard and lettuce which I planted in September are now inside my conservatory with some kitchen herbs.

None of my harvestings has been substantial enough to last through winter, but I’m happy I have something to share over the Holidays. I’m also looking forward to adding some fresh mint to my cocoa or making lemon-balm tea this Winter especially while considering what I’ll plant in the Spring.  Today, I’m waiting for my cat to figure out there’s a small catnip plant among the chard !!

I’d love to hear your harvest thoughts. I hope you’re finding some enjoyment at this time of year.

I will be spending time with loved ones over this next week.  I will return in December with new content!

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