Evolving COVID-19 Information

 In the Fall of 2020, I began my research with the hopes of discovering the foundational causes for COVID-19. What I thought I knew or had been taught through the years to be true, has recently been challenged by biased and incomplete data interpretations, mass media’s perpetual sound bytes, current scientific practices, and political machinations. I fully appreciate what Mattias Desmet has written about public divisiveness, particularly during this pandemic. Having personally felt the sting of fire branding, I have the courage to do this blog because of the solid numbers of knowledgeable people who are speaking out.

First of all, a major mindset has been long-standing expectations of any vaccine. The mRNA Vaccine is not at all like smallpox or polio vaccine—or any other vaccine for that matter. The only similarity it has is that it had been called a vaccine, but even the vaccine definition was changed by the CDC last August. The COVID vaccine is experimental as authorized by the Emergency Use Authorization with the intent to reduce severe symptoms which would cause hospitalizations and death, not prevent illness. Hospitals were being overwhelmed by the elderly and those with comorbidities,  many were obese, so ”Operation Warp Speed” cut traditional testing periods short in order to have a vaccine quickly, compromising the time for long-term testing before approval to begin public vaccination programs. Pfizer/Moderna’s vaccine won the race with an unprecedented publically utilized technique: a genetically engineered mRNA gene transfer process. A single short segment from a much longer complete DNA sequence chain is targeted in the rt (real-time)PCR test. Dr. Mullis, the founder of the test, alluded to the fact that it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool because the full chain is not identified and therefore cannot identify any entity accurately. Variants from the original could occur due to the environment in which they are found,

Publicly available information confirms that the COVID-19 injections affect your body at a cellular level with 75% remaining in your lymph nodes.  A shot is absorbed into the inner lining of capillaries, with a payload of 40 trillion packaged mRNA genes, each having the ability to produce “spiked” proteins. These little spikes protruding from the capillary lining can cause little blood clots, which can predispose a person to myocarditis.  Because spiked proteins are foreign to the body, a heightened immune response does occur, lasting approximately 5 months. Many scientists foretell the long-term need for periodic boosters, as well as vaccines against variants.

In response to a lawsuit against the FDA by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (www.PHMPT.org), for information through the Freedom of Information Act on Pfizer’s preliminary Comirnaty research, 368,000 pages at the rate of 500 per month will be made public. At that rate, full disclosure of Pfizer’s entire mRNA vaccine research data will not be released until 2096. What has been disclosed were 42086 reports of Pfizer vaccine injuries as submitted to the FDA through February 23, 2021, from the US, France, Germany, and Portugal. (I’ve highlighted “reports” because only an estimated 10-15% of actual incidence is actually reported.) Nevertheless, the data showed 1 out of 3 who got the shot and suffered adverse side effects, either ended up dead, permanently disabled, or with unresolved injury.  51% of the reports were in the 31-64 age groups, 175 under 17 years (of which 46 were under 16 years and 34 were under 12 years old). Shocking is the 1223 reported fatalities in this small sampling over such a brief time when the 1976 Swine flu vaccine was pulled after only 25 deaths!! 

Upon review of the research completed by the Nagasaki International University, Japan’s Ministry of Health is mandating healthcare professionals to report all adverse reactions to the COVID injections, have developed detailed informed consents which include potential side effects, and recommend no mandatory vaccination or discrimination against those who choose not to be vaccinated, which includes workplaces. You can review this under www.medRxiv.com, October 5, 2021.

Finally, according to Israeli research, natural immunity is 27 times more effective than the COVID vaccine. It may have been better for President Biden to send his warnings to the vaccinated, because things are pointing to the double and triple injected populations being at an increased risk for infection, especially from the Omicron variant. The reason is that the COVID vaccine, according to www.medRxiv.com, May 6, 2021, reprograms the innate and adaptive immune systems causing immune depletion.  Therefore, according to the European Journal of Epidemiology (9/30/21, pages 1-4), data shows that the more heavily a vaccinated population is, the higher the case rate becomes.

The key to prevention is, and will always be, to have a strong immune system. But preconceived ideas about vaccines may not be a guaranteed solution. 

My next blog will be on breaking away from tethered thoughts, before resuming blogs on rebuilding immune systems naturally

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