Breaking Tethered Thoughts

Whenever it’s said: “they always _______”, “I’ll never ________”, “if only they would _____”, the only way to do this, is to ___”, or any similar statement which you may have heard as well, can be considered to be of a “tethered thought” origin. It may have come out of fear of being rejected and a desire to be accepted as part of a crowd. Maybe it was a solution which seemed to routinely work. Possibly, someone in authority or an elder’s presence alone has increased the perception of correctness. Does that make it absolutely so? Reacting either with passivity or aggression may actually cause a level of divisiveness,

Deciding to engage or not in any of those incidents initially requires an individual to recognize motivators, or their personal self-talk. A next step is to practise compassion for self and others. Gaining a perspective of the other’s world could involve listening, observing, and asking questions, i.e. entering into a dialogue whenever possible. I realize that could be a stretch, but oh so necessary for both to feel that they have been heard or recognized.. Reading about or visiting other cultures can help a person get out of cultural biases. Developing gratitude for a personal or another’s history can also be helpful. Accepting ambiguity usually helps because nothing is fully black or white.. Nevertheless, the most important step in all of this appears to be to have a slow steady pace along life’s journey in learning and practicing. Maybe you already have had some experience and ways that have worked for you. With best wishes to you, wherever you are in this process of self-awareness!

You may have noticed that this blog along with “ Hall of the Mountain King” and “Words We Live By” have been related to inner guidance. They touch upon our spirituality and mental health. The next blog will begin a series related to human bioenergetics.

Thank you for following my blogs.

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