Bioenergetics from Sunshine

“Negative energy” “Energy boost” “Jumpstart” “Low energy”  We’ve heard these as they relate to batteries, but they could also relate to what we may say about our own bodies. Because like batteries, we similarly run on a balancing of electronic charges, as in electrocardiograms (EKG), EEG, sodium/potassium balance, etc. A human’s electrical system adapting to environmental and internal changes is known as bioenergetics.

There isn’t a moment when we are either consciously or unconsciously attempting to balance our energy. Simplistically, breathing causes us to expel carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen to enhance our blood flow. A sodium/ potassium balance is required for maintaining fluid in our cells and expelling urine from our kidneys. There is more to this physiology, but this also includes providing a balance from nutritional sources.

Actually, we humans are an integral part of our environment.  The full spectrum of light waves from the Sun literally has a full spectrum of benefits to humans, beyond helping plants to grow. The variety of waveforms can harmonize with our body chemicals as a life force.

Our circadian rhythms along with the solar waveforms control our autonomic nervous system, weight, immune levels, digestion, and production of melatonin and vitamins. Ultraviolet B must be available to humans to convert the electrical charge into Vitamin D. Ultraviolet A with its red lightwaves, stimulates blood flow and the release of nitrous oxide from our cells, optimizes mitochondrial function (our energy storehouse in cells), and helps us to structure water into a form utilized by cells to transmit energy.

Malillumination is when humans do not get adequate access to a wider variety of wavelengths, such as red, orange, green, blue, violet, infrared, and ultraviolet. When the light requirement by a certain reaction is present, molecules start to absorb light.  The reactions can then proceed more quickly, more effectively, and more efficiently. Best of all: these benefits are free for the taking, literally, from our ever-present sunlight. 

My next blog will go further into this, by examining blue light effects.

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