Elemental Nutrition

As I mentioned in previous blogs, there is a connection between well-being and the energy waves from the Sun. Besides benefiting from the Sun’s energy, our bodies perform on inherent energy waves, as in heart and brain waves.

The concepts of qi (chi) and chakra follow along that line of thinking, with chakra acting as a generator and chi as the electrical current. In order for the body to function, a variety of subatomic elements (chemicals) must be present for conduction and metabolism. Plants from healthy soils contain a majority of these elements. Furthermore, we need these elements to form proteins that build and maintain our DNA genomes.  These genomes relate to our internal and external environment at differing levels through biorhythms to our human anatomy and physiology, to become in sync or have homeostasis.

The Chinese in TCM examine these rhythms more deeply by noting specific body-centered activities at different hours of the day.  For example, wakefulness at 2 AM may be due to a liver imbalance. Chiropractors may notice that the Lumbar 4 Disc is misaligned.  Interestingly, 12th century Hildegard von Bingen noted emotional/ spiritual connections to the nerve routes from the spinal cord to body organs, too.  Scientists might find there’s a potassium imbalance as a reason for the liver dysfunction.

This is, what may be called “elemental nutrition”, and it will be the backdrop for my subsequent blogs.

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