Pest Repellents – Part 1

Pest control has been around since the dawn of time.  The need for pest management is an issue that will never go away.  It’s estimated that over 100 million dollars are spent every year on pest control services in the United States alone.  This number is only going to increase as our population and urban sprawl grows.

With all the various methods of pest control, what are our best options?  I am hoping to find some key solutions that can help us all out.  This multi-part blog will explore sustainable pest control methods and how they can be used to solve our current environmental problems.

With part 1, I want to bring up the various options I will be exploring and reporting back on:

  1. Ultrasonic/Electronic Options – designed for rooms, outdoor spaces, and everything in between.  This option uses ultrasonic sound waves to safely repel pests
  2. Sprays & Salves – the most traditional of methods, though what are the newest formulas out there?  I want to find us the most up-to-date and earth-friendly options.
  3. Alternative Options – environmental changes, habit changes, and anything else I can dig up for us.  I will be looking for more technological options, determining the more modern options available.

There will be plenty of work put into these reviews, so bear with me as each part might take some time to come out.  The best bet is to stay tuned as this unique series progresses.  Feel free to share ideas or questions you may have, it would help shape these blogs to benefit you the audience!

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