Pest Repellents – Ultrasonic/Electronic Options

This entry in my series of Pest Repellents is focused on ultrasonic and electronic solutions.  Attempting to identify benchmarks and potential ranges to look at with these products, I found some oddities surrounding this option.  Further research on these electronic options started to confirm and validate my own suspicions.  Ultimately, I do not believe this to be a solution we should continue to foster.

There is a wide variety of ultrasonic and electronic products for pest control.  Oscillating sounds, omnidirectional, and a plethora of other fancy-sounding names.  I wanted to better understand how they work to better share with you what would be the most favorable solution.  That is when I found something to be a bit off.

The types of companies producing these products didn’t feel appropriate.  The ones claiming to be of a sustainable mindset didn’t have much of a presence.  I could be off and would love some conversation on this.  None of the companies I looked into producing and pushing these products showed a track record of being environmentally conscious.

Looking into this matter further, I found studies that backed my suspicion on the products themselves.  How did these things function, how do they compete with each other, and what would be the best one?  Similar studies have already shown they are little more than glittering generalities and misplaced claims.

Thank you for your understanding in my delay as I wanted to be sure I had this information was accurate before making sure a statement.  I am very open to discussion and welcome new information.  As it stands, my conclusion as these are not viable solutions for pest control in any fashion.

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