Focus Areas

Nutrient-Dense Diet Implementation

Indigenous populations historically were physically strong and healthy, mainly from local seasonal food.  Major chronic health impacts have occurred since the Industrial Revolution. However, there remain many ways to recapture a healthful nutrient-dense diet.


Herbal Use Benefits

The use of herbal remedies predates modern medicine.  Most have valid reasons for continued use as practiced by naturopathy, Chinese medicine, Anthroposophical medicine, and others. I suggest herbals have been replaced by pharmaceuticals for a relatively quick response. However, in the early stages of illness herbals can be beneficial in a body’s natural healing process or work in later stages of illness along with pharmaceuticals. 


Community and Residential Climate Change Adaptations

Changes can occur with motivated and creative adaptations. If climate change adaptations are effective, it will require political, personal, and economic will, a historical perspective, a long-view, and science-based innovations.  These need to be implemented on community and individual levels.